AquaNano Ireland

AquaNano Helia, moisturizer cream, with colloidal gold, silver and platinum






AquaNano Helia is a moisturiser cream that contains selected ingredients. It soaks well into the skin, has a toning and antioxidant effect due to the gold and platinum and a mild antibacterial effect provided by the silver.

One of the features of this cream is the purity of the colloidal gold silver and platinum, being manufactured by an advanced electrocolloidal technology. Also, they are used in adequate quantities for best effects, the ratios in which they are used being: colloidal gold 20%, colloidal platinum 20%, and colloidal silver 20%, along wit 10% Aloe Vera gel (natural, not reconstituted from powders).

The oils used in this cream are cold pressed Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Grape Seed Oil, and Olive Oil. Thanks to this combination of oils, this cream is suitable for almost all skin types.

The emulsifiers used in this cream are ECO CERT approved types, being one of the most natural selection of auto emulsifier blends. Also, the preservation formula is based on a citrus extract, being also an entirely natural formula.

Natural essential oils are included in a minimal amount, to not obscure the personal fragrance, and to not irritate if it is used as a face cream or around the eyes. Because of this, storing the cream above 25 Celsius degrees, can lead to partial evaporation of the essential oils.


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